Wills & Trusts

Just a guess… if you’ve thought about making a Will before but haven’t done it, you’ve probably said one of the following:

‘It’s too expensive’

‘Everything I own will automatically go to my spouse or children’

‘None of my possessions are significant enough for a Will’

These are common misconceptions- don’t be a fool!

Around 60% of people in the UK have not made a Will, risking their possessions, money, property and dependent children being left to someone they have not chosen. It is extremely important to make sure you and your family have a Will, should the worst happen.

Your Will sets out what you would want to happen to your possessions, money and property when you pass away. Collectively, these are known as your ‘estate’. If you pass away without a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate, and this may not be what you would have wanted.

Making a Will is the only certain way to ensure that your partner, children, or relatives inherit what you intend e.g. possessions, money and property.

Undoubtedly, you’d like to make this difficult time for your family much easier and less stressful for them, and the way to do this is by writing your Will.

Additionally, making a Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) your family will have to pay on your estate.

Our dedicated solicitors, can advise you on the best course of action when writing your Will, and help by ensuring your Will is completely valid.

People often say that they haven’t done their Will yet because they think it should be left until they’re older.

However, Claire Chapman of Wosskow Brown said: “as soon as you buy a house, you should write your Will.”

We can advise on:

  • Single and mirror Wills
  • Property protection Wills
  • Lifetime trusts
  • Long-term care issues
  • Resolving estate matters after death
  • Free and secure storage
  • Powers of attorney
  • Court of Protection applications

Excellent Service

Thank you for helping me recently. Excellent service from opening the door right up to drafting and filing. I've been in many law firms all over and never had this level of customer service. All the best.

Mr Johnson


Mr Johnson

Excellent service from opening the door right up to drafting and filing.

Making my Will was made so easy

The making of my Will was made so easy for me - I should have done this long ago.

Mrs Fergus


Mrs Fergus

Making my Will was made so easy.

Very patient

Maddalena Proctor came to see me and helped me a great deal as I had no idea about Wills. She explained all the details and was very patient with me.

Mrs Greaves


Mrs Greaves

Maddalena Proctor explained all the details about Wills and was very patient with me.

So Good

The service was SO GOOD, I don't see how it could be bettered.

Mr Booler


Mr Booler

The service was SO GOOD.

A Country Mile

I was particularly impressed with the greeting and welcome I received on my very first visit. I had called into three solicitors on Regent Street that day and yours was a 'country mile' better welcome than any of the others. Friendly, smiling, welcoming, down to earth and kind reception staff. This was the reason I chose your firm.

Ms Hooley


Ms Hooley

Friendly, smiling, welcoming, down to earth and kind reception staff.

Patience and Understanding

Yvonne's patience and understanding was very much appreciated.

Mr Morris


Mr Morris

Patience and understanding was very much appreciated.

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