Signing a Will at a distance

Writing a Will while Social Distancing

At a time where the media is reporting growing numbers of infections and deaths, it’s hard not to feel concerned about our own mortality. We can’t help fix the current situation, but we can offer to help lighten the burden by helping you write your Will.

We know death is an often muted subject, but eventually, it comes to all of us. What the current coronavirus outbreak makes clear, is that our time can come at any moment.

Keep Calm

Now, we’re not trying to panic anyone. What we will say is that we deal with this every day. Our advice is always clear. It is better to write a Will than not to.

Wosskow Brown Solicitors are here to help. The Law Society has confirmed that Will Writers are Key Workers. Our Will Writing team have evolved their procedures so we can continue to draft and execute Wills during this global pandemic.

Personal Service

First off, we hate impersonal service, so we’re finding it really difficult that we can’t invite you to our offices, and we certainly can’t offer you a coffee. What we are offering to do, is bring your Will to you.

Writing a Will

We will take your instructions over the phone, we can even join a video meeting together if you like. We can have a chat through your wishes and options before we draft your Will for you to approve.

Once you have approved your Will, we’ll arrange to pop out to see you. Now we’re sorry that we can’t come in for a chat, but we have to stay a safe distance apart. We’ll be bringing your Will for you to sign. We need to witness this from a safe distance, this is to protect you, ourselves and our NHS. We have to be responsible.

One of the advantages we have being a family firm is that we have family members that work and live together. This ultimately means that bringing two witnesses along isn’t a problem for us.

We will ask you to sign your Will somewhere where we can see you. This might be through a window, or through an open door. We just have to be satisfied that it is your Will that you signed, and it was you that signed it. There’s always a way.

Will Storage

Once you’ve signed your Will , it’s up to you whether you keep it yourself, or whether you entrust us to look after it safely for you… for free of course. If you want to keep your Will yourself, we will need to take it back to the office to make a copy for our records and then we’ll pop it back in the post for you to keep.

If you’re looking to make or update your Will, we’re here to help. Contact a member of our Will Writing team to write your Will today.

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