Wosskow Brown Solicitors - Attercliffe Office Reopening

Visiting Wosskow Brown’s Offices after 19 July 2021

Firstly, we’d like to thank all of our clients for helping us follow government guidelines over the last 12 months. We think that we can all agree, that restrictions have not made life easy, and we can’t wait for everything to return to normal.

However, despite the easing of coronavirus safety restrictions on 19 July, we’re still asking our staff and clients to use a common sense approach. Where we can, the doors and windows of our visitor areas will be open. But we have to be aware of client confidentiality, and we understand that the outside world doesn’t need to hear our conversations.

Are masks required after 19 July?

With that in mind, we ask our visitors to be mindful of their proximity to staff. If we’re going to be sat close together in a private meeting room, we may ask that you continue to wear a mask. We will do the same. We want to ensure that both our staff, and our visitors stay safe.

During 2020, we made changes to our reception areas to protect staff and clients. We fitted protective screens in all of our reception and working areas, we’ll be keeping them for the time being. There will also be hand sanitiser stations at convenient points too.

Staying safe

For the moment, we’ll also keep respectable limits on the number of visitors in our reception areas at any one time. We feel this is only right to give each other enough space, to avoid anyone getting ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid app. Visitors may be asked to momentarily wait outside. Please don’t think we’re being rude, we just want to keep everyone safe and out of isolation.

Contact Us

If you need to pop into one of our offices, please give us a call, we’re here to help.

You can find our office contact details for each office here:

We’re looking forward to greeting you in person again.

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