Ian Brown - Managing Partner

Ian Brown

Head of Dept, Partner, Solicitor

Ian Brown is the Managing Partner, solicitor and head of the Private Client department at Wosskow Brown Solicitors. He has over 30 years of commercial experience, managing the growth and success of a variety of businesses. From the beginning of his working life, transforming the coating plant he managed from a loss-making unit to turning over a healthy quarter million yearly profit; to now, working on the continued growth of his family business.

His experience outside the legal profession brings a welcome change to legal stereotypes. Ian is a no-nonsense businessman. Prior to qualifying as a lawyer, he started his employment in a quarry. Drive and determination saw him quickly progress through the ranks until he bought into a successful plant hire business that had hired out to Meadowhall, Don Valley Stadium and Sheffield Arena.

The recession that hit in 1991, and the delay of the Sheffield Supertram Project saw Ian move in a different direction and follow in his Father’s footsteps. He himself was a businessman that turned to provide legal advice.

He joined his Father at Wosskow Brown Solicitors in 1992. At this time, Wosskow Brown specialised in insolvency and business development. Ian’s own business experience was very useful in allowing him to help business owners restructure and save their businesses.

Ian qualified as a solicitor in 2000. Upon his qualification, he set to work expanding Wosskow Brown and their Personal Injury team. During the next 5 years, he grew the team to 20 staff strong, with a turnover in access of £1m. His desire for growth hasn’t stopped there. Ian has continued to grow the firm with the addition of a very successful Conveyancing department and several business acquisitions. The firm now employs close to 100 members of staff across 6 offices in South Yorkshire.

Outside of the office, Ian still carries that desire to succeed. He was a Commissioner for British Cycling for 10 years and chairman of Sheffield Cycle Speedway for almost 20 years. During this time, he led the way in women’s cycle speedway racing, by launching the first ever British Team Championships, in Norwich, in 2006.

Ian even managed to persuade his own daughter to take part in that first meeting. He went on to qualify as a British Cycling coach, helping his own daughter become a British and World Champion.

More recently, Ian became a Business Mentor for several local businesses still in the start-up process. Not only did he mentor the businesses, but he also counselled the budding individuals who were looking for success in the local South Yorkshire area.

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