Financial Planning Help

Financial Planning Help

Here at Wosskow Brown Solicitors, our aim is to continue to provide you with advice, service and support throughout this COVID-19 emergency. Wosskow Brown’s Managing Partner, Ian Brown, explains how we can help with clients looking for financial planning advice.

We appreciate that our clients’ needs and requirements could be much greater as a result of the current economic disruption and lockdown.  As a result we have established a working relationship with financial planners, Future Life Wealth Management Limited who would like to offer an individual / conference call with you to catch up and also to discuss some of the ways financial planning assistance could help you and/or your business when considering pension schemes to ease the financial burden of the Covid-19 emergency.  These could include: 

  1. SSAS Loan Back and how this facility could help businesses with cash flow;
  2. Selling a commercial property already owned personally or in your business into a pension to release funds personally/into the business;
  3. Selling personally held shares into a SIPP/SSAS to release cash for personal/business use;
  4. Easement/deferment of rental payments due to SIPP/SSAS to help tenant businesses that are experiencing cash flow difficulties as a result of Covid 19;
  5. Possibilities of clients drawing pension benefits during these turbulent times;
  6. Anything else you may wish to discuss.

We hope you will welcome this opportunity which can last as little or as long as you require.  If you wish to take up this offer please complete the contact form below with the most suitable date, time and contact number so that we can arrange our call.

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