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We Will Stop Your Worst Conveyancing Nightmare From Coming True

Many people who have been through the process of buying a house have experienced this certain type of problem. All house buyers have at least dealt with the worry of this issue arising.

What if your conveyancer goes on holiday during your transaction?!

Forget your ghost stories, your undying fear of spiders and your horrifying visions of being chased by a three-headed monster… your conveyancer going on holiday is truly the most terrifying nightmare of them all.

Of course, conveyancers have no less right to go on holiday than the rest of us; they work amazingly hard and admirably juggle many transactions at once, tirelessly working to a number of deadlines.

The problematic aspect of conveyancers going away is when they don’t inform you of their absence. It is important that they let you know of any planned holidays and their date of return. In fact, the average UK property transaction is completed almost 7 weeks over its expected date as a result of conveyancers being absent.

Let me set the scene: you’ve not heard from your conveyancer in a few days, but you’re not really worrying, so you just send them a little follow-up email to make sure everything’s okay. You hit the ‘send’ button, only to get an email notification a few seconds later. Subject: ‘Automatic Reply. I’m away on holiday and will return to the office in 12 days’. Your eyes widen, your blood boils and you start to worry about completion.

Actually, nightmare is an understatement, isn’t it?

Well, the good thing is that you won’t have that problem with us.

At Wosskow Brown, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service. We’ll take your worries away and our experienced qualified conveyancers will always let you know when they’re going on holiday and we always make sure to provide the most helpful cover.

Our conveyancers are brilliant at working in teams and do so on a regular basis. So if the main conveyancer dealing with your transaction is jetting off to Spain for a week, there are plenty of others in the team who are already familiar with the details of your process, meaning that they can pick it up for you and answer any queries you may have.

So, what this means is… no nightmares for you!

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