car with snow on the windscreen and with headlights on

Seven Driving Laws That You’ve Probably Broken Without Realising

1) Make sure that your registration plate is sparkly clean- If you’ve got some dirt on your registration plate, you could be looking at a £1000 fine, and a £100 fine on the spot.

2) Turn your tunes down- Do you enjoy having a sing-a-long while driving? Be careful, because you can have your car seized for playing aggressively-loud music, if you don’t turn it down following a verbal warning.

3) Snowy weather covers your car in white- Of course, you’ll clear your windscreen first, but do not forget to clear the snow from the roof of your car. You can receive a £60 fine and three penalty points for failing to clear the snow from the top of your car. It is dangerous to leave snow on your car roof because it may fall onto the windscreen and obstruct the vision of the driver. Furthermore, snow may fall off the back of your car while driving and obstruct the vision of other drivers.

4) Take extra care when it’s wet and rainy- splashing pedestrians with puddles is deemed as ‘driving without due care or consideration’ and can land you with three penalty points and a fine that can range from £100-£5000.

5) Fancy a McDonalds drive-through? Use cash or card- Although Apple Pay and similar systems are becoming more popular, the new mobile phone driving laws make it an offence to use your mobile phone to pay for your drive-through order. Doing this may face you with an on-the-spot fine of £200 and six penalty points. Quite a pricey Big Mac…

6) Don’t beep your horn in stationary traffic or unnecessarily- You should only beep your horn when alerting traffic of your presence- not to express anger at another driver, not as a hello or goodbye to someone you know, and not just to scare someone.

7) On a single yellow line, do NOT get out of your car- Getting out of your car while stopped on a single yellow line could result in a fine of up to £130.

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