Kerry Mathews, Tracey Richmond and Katie Hobson

Wosskow Brown Staff Plan to Participate in Charity Sleep Out

Some of our very own staff are planning to brave the cold for the Cathedral Archer Project, which has been supporting homeless people in Sheffield since 1989.

The charity sleep-out is set to take place on the 16th March 2018, where people will be sleeping on the streets as part of this event, raising awareness of the growing issue of homelessness.

As well as raising awareness, people will also be trying to raise funds to donate to this incredible cause.

Members of Wosskow Brown’s CSR group attended the Cathedral Carol Service in December last year, and served soup to the homeless people using this wonderful project.

The Cathedral Archer Project offer a broad and incredibly helpful range of services to support homeless people.

They offer support such as in-house nurse and dental clinics; a programme of activities to help people gain skills and enjoy new experiences; a structured volunteer programme, helping people gain structure in their lives; support to attend treatment services for drug and alcohol problems; and the crucial access to hot food and drinks.

Katie Hobson, Wosskow Brown Trainee Solicitor, said: “It was lovely and really quite emotional to hear from users of the project, to learn about their experience and how it has affected their life, family and employment.”

Katie was also delighted to hear about the way that the Cathedral Archer Project has helped people turn their lives back around.

She added: “We heard from a man who had hit rock bottom but through their support and guidance he now has a home, he is married, in employment and soon to be the father of triplets!!”

This sleep-out will provide people with more of an understanding as to what homelessness is really like. Obviously, one night sleeping outside doesn’t give a full, authentic impression of the struggles of homelessness, but it gives people an idea of what sleeping rough is like, at least.

What exactly will happen on the evening?

The evening of the sleep-out will begin at 7:30pm on Friday 16th March, as people will start to arrive with their sleeping bags for the night. Participants will sleep outside at the Cathedral forecourt until 7:30am the following morning.

The Cathedral Archer Project will provide soup and a hot drink on Friday night at 9pm and breakfast on Saturday morning, as well as security. People will then go back to their families and the warmth of their own home.

It’s truly saddening that these luxuries are not so readily available or easily accessible at all for the homeless people seeking support from this project.

We have already raised £526 to donate for this event. To donate, go to

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