After Louise Haigh kick-started campaigning, an expert panel will scrutinise the family court after 120 MPs spoke out against the injustices in the system

Panel to Scrutinise Family Court on Domestic Violence Cases

An expert panel will scrutinise the family court after 120 MPs spoke out against the injustices in the system.

Louise Haigh initiated the movement for justice, and has seen some progress already. The Ministry of Justice agreed to take action and has therefore promised a scrutiny panel.

The panel will review the operations of the family court and how they protect children and parents in domestic abuse cases.

They will also review how the court handles cases of assault, sexual assault, murder and other violent crimes.

An especially large number of people are demanding change regarding the rights of rapists who have become fathers. The MPs are urging a ban on abusers exploiting parental access rights. These rights immorally allow them to have contact with their child who was conceived through rape. It is also a concern that abusers are using the court system to re-traumatise their victims.

Karen Brookes, Chartered Legal Executive at our Barnsley Office, said: “I think if there are many cases like these then it’s definitely necessary for a panel to scrutinise the family court and, of course, it would make sense if people who have had a bad experience are able to make their views known.”

Family court scrutiny panel

The panel is likely to include leading academics, charity workers and senior members of the judiciary.

Louise is passionate that the panel must also include domestic abuse victims.

“The panel must include survivors so they can give their own first-hand experience of the family courts”, she expressed.

She also spoke of her relief that ministers are now willing to listen to the issues that survivors face, with the aim of protecting children in family courts.

“It is vital that the review is properly independent, and ministers must not attempt to stifle the recommendations of experts and survivors.

“Ministers must do whatever it takes to ensure no more children die following contact granted to abusive parents by the family courts”, she added.

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