Attercliffe Housing

High Interest in 22-Acre Attercliffe Housing Plot

22 acres of land in Sheffield’s Attercliffe area are up for sale and set to become a housing estate.

Nine firms are showing interest in bidding for the land.

The development of a new housing estate really highlights the positivity and ambition of Attercliffe; an area which is hoping to regain its vibrancy.

The 22-acre piece of land went on the market back in March. City Council officials are expected to announce a winner this month.

Attercliffe Action Group

The Attercliffe Action Group are stakeholders in the area and they’ll be eager to see what will happen with the development.

David Slater, Co-founder of the group, said “Attercliffe Waterside offers enormous potential – if the decision-makers in Sheffield get it right then the Attercliffe gateway can once again be a vibrant community where people want to be.”

He also listed the attractive Attercliffe aspects which would be enjoyed by the people who eventually move into the new housing estate. These include living next to the canal, easy access to great leisure and retail outlets, and living close to work. Not to mention the Olympic Legacy Park and the FlyDSA Arena!

Furthermore, the new site will be nearby a tram stop, providing residents with convenient travel options.

Ian Brown, Managing Partner of Wosskow Brown, is a Director of the Attercliffe Action Group as well, and will also be hoping that the housing developments succeed in boosting Attercliffe’s regeneration.

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