Our Clients Go The Extra Mile For Us Too!

Wosskow Brown Foundation client, Dee Warburton of Infinite Kreationz Ltd, called recently saying he needed a Notary to sign a document. He was recommended by Jim Lawson, Director of Wosskow Brown Foundation, to speak with StJohn Wright who is based at our Woodseats office. This is all very straightforward and simple, apart from the fact that Dee now lives in London.

StJohn said that he called Dee and suggested that, because it is a long way to travel for a signature, he would help Dee to find a London-based Notary. But Dee insisted on travelling all the way up to Sheffield as the recommendation had come from the Wosskow Brown Foundation.

Dee expressed: “I’m a strong believer in supporting local business in my home town of Sheffield and working with people that come highly recommended that you can trust.”

StJohn said: “So I met Dee and signed his document and had an enjoyable chat as I learned about his career journey from being a spray can street artist who met Prince Charles on a visit to Sheffield – through to his current role as a Lecturer of Art at a London college.”

Dee gave us great feedback about his experience with StJohn and Wosskow Brown, he said: “I found StJohn very informative and friendly and I would recommend Wosskow Brown Solicitors to anyone wanting a friendly, professional service and/or legal advice.”

So although we always try to go the extra mile for our clients, they sometimes go the extra mile for us – in Dee’s case, over 200 miles!

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