Move More in Sheffield are aiming to break Guinness World Record for most people playing hopscotch simultaneously

Move More Breaking World Record in Sheffield

Move More is a Sheffield-wide strategy aiming to transform our city into the most active in the UK by 2020.

Providing various physical activity opportunities throughout the Steel City, the overriding goal is to see significant improvement in health, well-being and quality of life of Sheffield residents.

June 2019 is ‘Move More Month’ and partners across Sheffield will host a variety of fitness activities. The best news is… you can get involved!

Move More is hosting a launch to build the excitement and awareness ahead of this month of fitness and fun.

The launch will take place on Monday 20th May in the FlyDSA Arena car park and it’s going to be special…

They will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most people playing hopscotch simultaneously!

Around 800 people will be participating; adults, children, businesses and older adults are all welcome to take part.

Move More also held an event last year at the Olympic Legacy Park in Sheffield where the world’s strongest junior, Paul Smith, pulled a bus across a running track.

It was a vibrant event which we loved taking part in. Our Wosskow Brown ‘watt bike challenge’ was popular with the attendees of the event. It is unsurprising, however, that the strong man reigned victorious at the top of the leader board.

We will be taking our watt bike to this year’s event too! Are you up for the challenge?

Move More does incredibly important work and if you’re a Sheffield resident, you should get involved on 20th May and throughout June!

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