Corporate Commercial Law

Business owners make many decisions during the course of a working day. Some of these decisions are made following legal advice. Most owners only use solicitors on a needs-must basis.

Wosskow Brown's Corporate Commercial team are here to help you with a practical solution to your business as well as providing expert legal advice.

We have a fantastic team with years of experience helping build and protect businesses. Our dedicated team are here to advise you on any issue relating to your business, no matter how big or small.

We offer a personal approach to helping your business grow, at an affordable level.

Shareholder Agreements

A shareholder agreement is a must for maintaining a good relationship between shareholders and saves time and costs in the future by avoiding shareholder disputes. It includes provisions which determine how shares may be transferred by a shareholder should they choose to leave the company, or what happens to shares in the event of a shareholder’s death. It can contain restrictive covenants which will bind outgoing shareholders and protect the goodwill in the company.

The agreement can contain provisions to protect minority shareholders or on the other hand, provide the majority shareholder with all the decision-making powers within the company. A shareholder agreement can remain private as it is not a document which needs to be filed at Companies House.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership is formed when two or more people enter into a business relationship together, with a view to make profits. Without a partnership agreement, the partnership is governed by the dated Partnership Act 1890. This Act permits a partner to retire with immediate effect without notice and this causes the partnership to automatically dissolve.

With a partnership agreement in place, there will be more certainty between the partners. A notice period can be inserted to ensure that the other partner is not left ‘in the lurch’ if one partner wants to retire and the agreement will include provisions about how one party may buy out the other’s share of the partnership and can also include a provision to pay off the outgoing partner in instalments. This will prevent disputes and unnecessary costs in the future.

Company Law Matters and Directors' Responsibility

We can help you with a whole range of company law matters - whether you need advice on interpretation of the Companies Act 2006 or want a set of articles of association drafting.

We can also help you with drafting documentation for company reorganisations and company share buy-backs.

Clients are quite often concerned about the responsibilities and liabilities associated with becoming a director, so we can provide you with guidance on the associated responsibilities and risks which may be involved.

Banking & Finance Documentation and the Giving of Guarantees

We can review, report on and draft finance documents on your behalf. These include loan agreements, charge agreements, debentures and legal mortgages.

We can give you independent advice (as often required by a bank) before you enter into a personal guarantee connected with business or personal borrowing.

Drafting or Review of of Commercial Contracts

We can draft any type of commercial contract for you, or review them on your behalf. These include agency agreements, distribution agreements, terms and conditions of sale of goods or services, franchise agreements, conditions of purchase, and any other type of bespoke contract that you may require us to draft.

We can review and revise your existing contracts and bring them up-to-date with current legislation. We are happy to review and report on any contract that you may be asked to enter into in order to identify risks.

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Atlas Technical Services

We were particularly impressed with your service and efficiency in dealing with our requests.
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