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Wosskow Brown Office Chair Race for Children in Need

We are passionate about charity and believe in doing all we can to donate to help great causes for people who are less fortunate than us.

To raise money for Children in Need, we came up with a great, fun idea for the people of Wosskow Brown to take part in a chair race competition with a space hopper relay at the end.

Our passionate, surprisingly (and sometimes overly) competitive participants got more than stuck in, to say the least.

With crazy inflatable hats, our very own bookies to place bets, and a bottle of Jack Daniels up for grabs, this event was easily as important as the Olympics (to the participants anyway).

We had ten teams with two people in each team; one doing the first half of the race on the chair and the other waiting for the luminous hat (baton) to be passed on to complete the race on the space hopper.

People went all-out with their clothing for the race. We saw custom-made tops worn by Taiba and Chelsea of Vicious and Delicious with their team name on the front, and Maddy and Nigel had their team name ‘G-Unit’ printed in sparkly writing on the back of their matching black tops.

The fire in our competitors blazed throughout the office, but we had Judge Jimder to look out for any foul-play (but the odd elbow or kick was tolerated).

Our winners were Zly Borsuks (Angry Badgers) which were James and Aleks with a record time of 25.95 seconds, beating Atomic Accounts (Lucy and Helen) in the final.


James Hardy had a successful day all round, winning the bottle of Jack Daniels as well by betting on the correct winner, which just so happened to be himself… Confident.

James and Aleks were presented with a shiny golden trophy for their undisputed chair and space hopper speed.

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