Jim Lawson - HR Consultant - Sheffield

Jim Lawson

Jim has been with Wosskow Brown since April 2014, and is originally from Liverpool (although he is an Everton supporter!). Jim has been in Sheffield for nearly 30 years, and is a big fan of the city.

Jim loves live music, with a broad taste. He has seen the Rolling Stones live at a gig with over 250,000 fans. His son recently bought him a set of drums, and he secretly hopes that one day Led Zeppelin may give him a call.

Jim provides HR & Employer Protection services to local businesses, as well as opportunities for businesses to gain legal advice from our solicitors. Jim came from a strong business minded background having previously been a Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager, with the Sheffield Enterprise programme.

“Having been on the outside for the past 4 years I have seen Wosskow Brown’s profile grow in the local region, with a good reputation as friendly, professional and capable. I am passionate about finding solutions to poor career-advice in schools and reducing the number of young people unemployed, currently at 1,000,000.

“The best advice I could give to clients would be to take time to find the ’right’ people for your business when you recruit. That’s important for you and for them. Then do all you can to keep them for the long term to help grow your business.”

Outside of work, Jim is a busy family man with 5 children and 3 step-children, he also enjoys a bit of football, as a die hard Everton fan. Jim also has dabbled in the beautiful game himself with an unbeaten ‘keepie-uppie’ record of 375.

Jim’s party trick involves a Hammer, which he learnt when working on construction sites in his home town of Liverpool.

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