Jamie Brown - Commercial Employment - Solicitor - Sheffield

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown is a Partner and a solicitor in our Commercial Legal Services Team, based at Wosskow Brown Solicitors Head office in Attercliffe. Jamie specialises in Employment Law and works to provide advice and support to both individual employees and employers across a range of issues. From simple contract reviews and the drafting of agreements…Continue reading

Michael Wosskow - Partner

Michael Wosskow

Michael Wosskow graduated in 1969 from Oxford University and qualified 3 years later. He became a partner at Russel & Creswick Solicitors and by 1984 was a senior partner; a position held for over ten years. Michael co-founded Wosskow Brown Solicitors with a colleague and long-time friend David Brown in 1989. He has held his…

Ian Brown - Managing Partner

Ian Brown

Ian Brown is the Managing Partner, solicitor and head of the Private Client department at Wosskow Brown Solicitors. He has over 30 years of commercial experience, managing the growth and success of a variety of businesses. From the beginning of his working life, transforming the coating plant he managed from a loss-making unit to turning…Continue reading

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