cyclist on road with helmet and bag on

Great News for British Cyclists as Government Exempts them from Personal Injury Reforms

The government’s plans to increase the smalls claim limit for road traffic accidents would’ve had harsh effects on vulnerable road users. The government have now made cyclists exempt from this new small claims limit, which has certainly pleased Britain’s bikers; they’re jumping for joy! Or should I say… pedalling with pride? Cycling UK has expressed…Continue reading

people cycling on road nearby cars with trees surrounding

The Truth About Cycling Myths

If you’re thinking about beginning to cycle instead of drive, there will undoubtedly be certain preconceptions that are putting you off. You’ll be pleased to know, they aren’t actually true. ‘Cyclists don’t pay road tax’ While this is a common way for angry drivers to rage about cyclists, it is true. However, neither do drivers.…Continue reading

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