These road safety tips are crucial for protecting vulnerable road users.

Road Safety Tips

The clocks have gone forward and the road safety problems associated with dark nights aren’t as threatening now. However, it’s still important to be careful on roads and protect vulnerable road users.

Road Safety – Protecting vulnerable road users

  • If there is a cycling club on the road, they will often ride as a group rather than in single file. It’s easier for drivers to overtake a small group of cyclists instead of overtaking one at a time. When overtaking cyclists in such situations, be sure to go wide enough. They need room in case one of them tries to swerve a pothole or other obstacle in the road.
  • Since the clocks have gone forward and the nights have become lighter, country roads are safer and more accessible again. These roads are the common route for many horse riders, so you must be careful in regard to the horses. Turn the radio down, keep the engine low, and take your time passing a horse. Lisa Overton-Locking is part of our experienced Personal Injury team and she has years of experience in horse riding. She emphasised the importance of driving carefully around horses because spooking them may cause harm to the horse and also the rider if they fall off.
  • Be thoughtful and considerate regarding the type of pedestrians around you. Remember that children can be easily distracted, so be careful with your speed. Also, elderly people may not be able to move as quickly as others. Therefore, it is also important to slow down for them so they feel more comfortable and not as if they’re being rushed to cross the road too quickly.
  • Make sure you know about the two types of mobility scooters. Class 2; this is the type of mobility scooter than can only go on pavements and has a top speed of 4mph. But class 4 mobility scooters are driven on roads with a top speed of 8mph. The age group most likely to be using such scooters are elderly people, so remember that they may have problems with their vision and hearing. Slowing down and giving them time on the roads will make them more comfortable and reduce the likelihood of an accident.
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