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Road Safety Tips: Cycling in winter

The nights are getting darker, that morning frost has appeared, and some areas have already witnessed some snow….that’s right winter is well on its way. Now we all know how easy it is when that temperature starts to drop to want to  curl up in the warmth and hibernate, but there’s still plenty of us who like to stay active. A highly popular and accessible way is keeping up with cycling in through the winter months.

Not only is cycling a great way to get a good dose of fresh air and keep your legs moving, it’s also for many a preferred method of transport throughout the year. So if you are committed to, or still considering braving a winter of cycling , here are a few top tips in keeping safe so you can enjoy yourself!…

Clothing – Brighten up that winter wardrobe

During winter it’s easy to coordinate our outfits with the weather, dark and grey. But good news, getting on your bike gives the perfect opportunity to liven it up. Wearing a bright and reflective jacket and other accessories, such as gloves, will effectively make you more visible during the dark conditions.

Another important accessory, which is a legal requirement, is the use of lights just like with other modes of transport. It is required after dark, to have a white front like and red rear light, both need 110° visibility and can also be flashing. Just improving your ability to catch motorists eyes.

Position – Stay out of the gutter!

Correct road positioning will not only make you more visible to motorists, it also protects you and your bike from the dreaded 3 Ps; puddles, potholes and punctures. Give yourself enough space to be able to safely and effectively avoid these potential hazards.

Get a group together – It’s the most sociable time of the year

Cycling in a pair or group, will not only be more visible to other road users, it can also make a commute or general bit of exercise more fun and enjoyable; social and safe what a combination.

Why not get together with others that cycle to/from work and see if you can leave at the same time, or if there’s a way of meeting up on the commute in. For out of work you could gather some friends together, or look for cycling clubs and events in your area.

For more information there are some useful links below.

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