Cycle September

Keeping Safe this Cycle September

Cycle September is a free cycling challenge inviting individuals and workplaces across the country, and the world, to compete in some friendly competition and get on their bike

Anyone can take part, whether you ride everyday or haven’t been on your bike in years! You can join the Cycle September challenge at any point throughout the month, and only have to ride a bike for a minimum of 10 minutes. Points are rewarded for how often you get on your bike and the distance you cover; as well as for encouraging others to do the same.

Like any good competition, of course points mean prizes! Participants will be entered into both global and local prize draws, and the rewards up for grabs look pretty amazing. Prizes include holidays, bikes, gear, vouchers and much more.

By taking part not only do you get the chance to be involved in a fun event, but it also means you’re doing your part to generate useful data, that can make conditions better for cyclists in and around Sheffield.

Hundreds of individuals and organisations have already registered in South Yorkshire, and thousands of miles have been clocked up…and we’re only half way through week 1!

You can learn more about the Cycle September Bike Challenge and register here.

Keep Cyclists Safe

Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users; with minimal protection, compared to that of cars. Therefore it’s important, with the likely increase of cyclists on our roads this month, that everyone does their bit to keep them safe!

  • Caution when overtaking – Always slow down when overtaking cyclists on the road; and when turning left soon after, remember to be careful as you may cut across them.
  • Give plenty of space – Since bikes aren’t very sturdy or secure, riders have a tendency to wobble, especially when there is strong wind. They also need room to be able to swerve potholes, or any other obstacles they may face in the road.
  • Check your mirrors – Cyclists can be difficult to see, which brings the potential for dangerous accidents, especially at roundabouts and junctions. Always check for cyclists using your mirrors to prevent crashes, and avoid putting them in tricky situations because of how you position your car.

Tips for Riders

Of course, you cyclists can take personal measures to ensure you are safe on roads too.

  • Wear a helmet – It’s crucial you wear a helmet when riding a bike, on or off the road. Falling off isn’t unfortunately too difficult, so it’s vital you reduce the risk of serious injury by wearing a helmet.
  • Bright and reflective clothing – Make sure you’re seen by other road users!
  • Correct positioning – Give yourself enough space to be able to safely avoid any hazards, and make yourself visible to other motorists.
  • Group riding – Cycling in a group or a pair will make you more visible…and more sociable

Our Personal Injury Team are more than aware of the consequences not following these simple tips can have! So stay safe on your bike this September, and good luck with the challenge!

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