How to save on car insurance

How to Save on Car Insurance

While car insurance doesn’t exactly come cheap, it’s better than being hit with a hefty fine for driving without it! So people are often stressing about how to save on car insurance…

Here are some great tips on how to save on car insurance and get the best deal you can:

  • Never wait around for a renewal – You may find a better deal elsewhere and, if so, you can cancel your existing policy and get refunded for the remainder of the year.
    This may come with a fee of about £50 which is worth taking note of, so that you can see how much you’ll save.
  • Purchase three weeks in advance – You can considerably slice your bill by snapping up a policy 21 days in advance. Insurers will see you as a higher risk if you leave it too late to purchase a policy, so your premium will probably rocket. Furthermore, if you try to buy a month or more in advance, you could end up paying more because there aren’t as many policies out there.
  • Increase your voluntary excess – Another way to reduce your premiums is to agree to paying more towards any accident repairs. Don’t worry, you can recover the excess if the car accident isn’t your fault.
  • Look on multiple comparison sites – Different comparison sites have different deals on offer. Therefore, it’s wise to have a look through a few sites to get the best deal you can.
  • Never accept a renewal quote – Accepting a renewal quote has its risks; your policy could suddenly double, leaving you in a financial struggle. Make sure you know when it’s time for a renewal and look around for a better deal.
  • Don’t put lots of people on your policy – You should only name regular drivers on the policy. If someone else requires the car for a while, you can just add them later on.
  • Try to lower your mileage – Doing less miles helps you save more! For a typical driver in your 30s, cutting your annual mileage by 10,000 could save you over £100 each year in premiums. Most people use their car to drive to work, but you may be able to get a cheaper deal if you don’t use your car for such purposes.

Follow these valuable tips to get the best insurance deal out there!

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