Slipped or tripped in a public place?

Public liability is when in a public area someone has not fulfilled their responsibility to public safety, and an accident occurs.

Compensation claims may result from accidents, often named as a 'slip and trip',  that have taken place in a public area, which should be maintained by the local authority, or areas privately owned open to the public, such as businesses and landlords.

There are many causes of accidents, such as poorly maintained pavements, hazardous objects or wet floors. In such cases, the responsible person or authority may not have assessed and treated the risk properly.

Employers may be held liable for the actions and failings of their employees, because it is their responsibility to make sure all their staff are aware of the correct procedures to ensure safety for the public. Most businesses have public liability insurance, which provides cover if those employees negligently injure customers or members of the public.

Claiming for Compensation

Our experienced Personal Injury Team are experts in helping you get full compensation, based on the injuries you may have suffered as a result of negligence in a public area.

Where there is a defect to the pavement, road or highway, the local authority is responsible for checking and maintaining roads and pavements, to ensure you are safe when using them as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist. Roads and pavements should be checked by the local authority, and each road is assessed on a variety of factors, such as how busy the area is, who uses the area, and how extensive the damage is to the pavement or road.

The best advice, if you notice a defect in the road or pavement, is to report it immediately to your local authority, and take photographs. If, in the future, the defect is not assessed or repaired, and you do suffer from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation due to the local authorities' negligence.

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Mrs Krol

I always like to be updated regarding my case

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