Legal Experts in Road Traffic Accident Claims

Being involved in a road traffic accident can be very stressful, and we are here to help. Our dedicated experts, based in Sheffield and Barnsley, have seen it all. Whether your injuries are minor or more extreme, we have a passion for making sure you get the compensation that you deserve.

Accidents Happen

We all know that sometimes, accidents happen. Our expert Claims Team can assess your case free of charge, and work on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis. Meaning, you can rest assured that you will get the best advice to help you through difficult times.

Whether you are the driver, passenger or on public transport, we can give you the support and advice you need.  If your vehicle was damaged in the accident we can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Serious Injuries

We also have an expert team lead by a Senior Solicitor, Sonia Hume-Dawson, which specialises in serious accidents and life changing injuries.

Our experts do what is right, and if you have been injured in a road traffic incident get in touch with us. Whether you think you were at fault or not we will see how we can help you;

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Injuries caused by accidents on the road
  • Cycling injuries - expert Cycling Solicitors here to help
  • Motorbike riding accidents
  • Claims against an uninsured driver or unidentified motorist
  • Injuries that lead to loss of earnings or not being able to work
  • Incidents that cause long term physical suffering
  • Accidents leading to Post Traumatic Stress
  • Issues with returning to work due to an accident

Call our Road Traffic Accident Claims Team on 0114 256 4000

Not only does our Legal Team know how to make sure that you get what you deserve after a traumatic accident, we provide a personal service, giving you peace of mind whilst we get the money you need. We are here to assist in arranging a local Medical Examination, and we are here to help you recover any financial losses such as loss of earnings, policy excess and any to cost of replacing damaged items.

We are also here to help to obtain the necessary equipment and/or care that you require in your road to recovery.  This includes anything from Physiotherapy treatment through to long term care in your home.

Always Updated

I always like to be updated regarding my case - and that's what I got from you.

Mrs Krol


Mrs Krol

I always like to be updated regarding my case

Meet the team

Sonia Hume-Dawson - Personal Injury Claims Solicitor - Barnsley
Sonia Hume-Dawson
Senior Solicitor
Jill Smith - Personal Injury Paralegal
Jill Smith
James Hardy - Personal Injury Paralegal
James Hardy