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Clocks Going Back on Sunday Means Darker Nights

Clocks Going Back on Sunday Means Darker Nights – Beware and Be Safe

On Sunday 29th October, the clocks will go back an hour and the nights will be getting darker.

Of course, this bring exciting times, such as moonlit Autumn walks, cosy nights wrapped up warm and the build-up to Christmas.

But the dark nights also bring an element of danger to the public, which we all need to look out for. The darker sky affects drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly.

The roads become slightly less safe than they were in September and especially throughout the summer.


Data shows that in 2015, the pedestrian death count rose from 27 in September to 42 in October, 45 in November and a staggeringly saddening 58 in December. This statistic clearly illustrates the increased risk of road accidents once the light of the nights dimmer.

Insure The Box state that it sees a 10% rise in accident claims once the clocks go back. The figure rises further, as drivers are 30% more likely you have an accident between 5pm-8pm after the hour change.

To avoid any accidents happening, make sure you and your family take sensible steps to keep safe.

Research has shown that approximately 2.6 million cars are being driven on the roads with faulty lights. This is a staggeringly concerning figure. A survey has concluded that one in ten motorists have either a failed headlight, sidelight, rear or brake-light. This would undoubtedly increase the risk of an accident significantly.

Safety is key

Safety is key and nobody wants to deal with the trouble of an accident, because not only could it involve pain and hospitalisation, but the legal side of it and dealing with compensation, for example, also adds a strenuous amount of worry too.

We urge you to share this important information with your friends and family to lower the number of accidents and deaths occurring as a result of the darker nights. Check your lights are working. Don’t take the careless chance of crossing a road without waiting for the lights to turn red, because you never know if a car with broken lights is coming towards you.

We at Wosskow Brown wish you a safe Winter time.

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