cyclist on road with helmet and bag on

Great News for British Cyclists as Government Exempts them from Personal Injury Reforms

The government’s plans to increase the smalls claim limit for road traffic accidents would’ve had harsh effects on vulnerable road users. The government have now made cyclists exempt from this new small claims limit, which has certainly pleased Britain’s bikers; they’re jumping for joy! Or should I say… pedalling with pride? Cycling UK has expressed…Continue reading

damaged car following a crash

Reforms to Personal Injury Claims Could Be Bad News For Claimants

Ministry of Justice officials have recently confirmed that reforms affecting the personal injury sector will be implemented in April 2019. It has been reported by the Motor Accidents Solicitor’s Society (MASS) that the main focus, at first, will be on the implementation of changes regarding Road Traffic  Accident (RTA) claims, with later  plans for personal…Continue reading

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