Sports Development


We love sport. And we believe development at grass routes level is where our best UK athletes are created.

Therefore in a drive to improve grass routes competition we’ve established the Sports Development Scheme, a scheme that means every time you use WB, you'll get back up to 25% of costs for your club*. 

You can use the funds to improve facilities, promote more competition or even upgrade equipment.

So if you require any legal assistance, give us a call and help nurture our future athletes.

Our Ambassadors:

Basic Requirements:
Must be a professional sports club, UK registered CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) or for individuals, registered with an official body within the UK.   

What to Do Next?:
If you have a legal matter call us on 0114 2561 560 or make an online enquiry. Fee grants vary between legal matters, so to get an accurate quotation before instruction please contact us. Make sure you state your club and we'll direct you to the correct department.

*Terms & Conditions Apply