Tesco Pays Compensation to Injured Shoppers

tesco_storesA pensioner who slipped on a wet floor at a Tesco store in Worcester has received a four-figure sum in compensation for an injury to his foot.

Ronald Fryer, 80, was taken to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where X-rays showed that that he had fractured a metatarsal bone in his foot. The injury was extremely painful.

The company has also been fined for failing to ensure that a member of the public was not put at risk after an accident in a Tesco Extra store in Leicester in August 2009. Angela Pownell, 80, was left with flaps of skin hanging from her ankles after a pallet truck scraped her legs as it was pulled past. Mrs Pownell, who has since passed away, was awarded an undisclosed amount in compensation for her injuries.

Tesco pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that customers were not exposed to risks. The company was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay costs of £24,500.

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