Debt Collection Solutions

The difference in choosing our solicitors to help you retrieve your debts, is that we offer an all round service.

Where debt collecting companies tend to send out "blanket" notices to people who owe money, the way we work is to assess every situation. We acknowledge that every case is different.

Plus, we offer a completely seamless approach to your case, as we can be with you every step of the way, from initially contacting your debtor to taking your debtor to court.

It also means we maintain the integrity of your business, by ensuring contact to your debtor is correctly worded and authentic. This means your business remains respected.

If you are experiencing issues with your business, as a result of the debt owed, we can offer practical advice to help you free up cash-flow and ensure your business remains afloat whilst waiting for the debt to be paid.

Meet the team

Lindsay Dixon - Dispute Resolution - Solicitor - Sheffield
Lindsay Dixon
Senior Solicitor
Kerry Mathews - Litigation Dispute Resolution - Sheffield
Kerry Mathews
Trainee Solicitor
Matthew Duffy - Litigation Dispute Resolution - Sheffield
Matthew Duffy
Trainee Solicitor