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At Wosskow Brown we have an experienced Family Law team, available by appointment at all our branches in Sheffield and Barnsley. With expert understanding on a range of family matters, we are able to offer you professional advice, when you need it most. Whether this be when a relationship is first starting out, by protecting your assets through various agreements; or upon the ending of a relationship.

Family Law Support & Advice

We understand that the breakdown of any marriage, civil partnership, or long-term relationship is a painful and stressing time, meaning making decisions can be difficult. We can offer the support and advice you are in need of. Our experienced team can act on behalf of a spouse or partner going through divorce or separation, and in need of legal assistance in resolving family and financial disputes.

Due to our longstanding track record in Family Law, we have the skills to deal sensitively with these difficult issues. We’re good listeners and will safeguard your interests so you can face the future with confidence.

We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation, and our fixed fee arrangements mean that the cost is one less thing to worry about.

Family Law

Divorce and Separation

Navigating the process of legal separation takes experience and skill, in order to be able to negotiate fair settlements and arrangements, for all involved. The ending of a long term relationship is not a one step process and consists of multiple stages which will need to be dealt with separately; including ending the marriage, dividing finances and assets, child arrangements.

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Financial matters

Arranging how finances will be divided following a divorce or separation, is a highly important step in moving forward and securing your future. When making decisions it is important to cover the following: rights to property, savings and shares, pensions, international assets or property, any debts, custody and child arrangements.

As you can see there is a lot to consider and coming to a mutual agreement may be difficult, therefore getting the legal support and advice you need is essential. Decisions can either be made by the parties involved using a Consent Order, or by the court if an agreement can’t be reached using Financial Remedy Proceedings.

Our Family Law team can work with you to achieve the best possible outcome, that suits you and your individual needs.

Child arrangements

A relationship ending can be difficult, but when children are involved it can make things more complicated. No child should suffer unnecessarily as a result of a breakdown, therefore it is so important the responsibilities of parents to make arrangements are fulfilled.

However, we understand that this isn’t always straightforward. You may be having problems regarding agreements on; who your child should live with, the amount of time spent with either parent, or decisions such as schooling and child care. We would be more than happy to provide advice on support on a range of these issues and help create the most suitable arrangement for you.

Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an arrangement entered into by couples before they get married. This sets out what would happen to finances and assets, in the unfortunate event of separation or divorce. This may seem rather unromantic, or even pessimistic, in the run up to a wedding day; however a prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is a very sensible way to protect both of your finances.

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Cohabitation agreements

Cohabitation refers to couples who live together but who are not married. Without the legally recognized union of a marriage or civil partnership, these couples have fewer rights when it comes to division of property and finances. For example, it is common for couples moving in together, to move into a property which is already owned by one of them. Therefore, the partner moving in will have no automatic legal rights over the property if the relationship were to unfortunately breakdown in the future.

A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract between a couple who live together, but whom are not married or in a civil partnership. The agreement can cover matters such as property ownership and equity division; therefore giving you both peace of mind going into your future together.

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Property after separation

The property in which a couple lives together is also known as the cohabitational home. The way in which entitlement to this property is divided following a separation, depends on how the property is owned and by whom.

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Change of name deeds

There are many reasons for why an individual may wish to legally change their name, a decision often very personal to the client. Whatever the reason, we can help arrange this for you.

A Change of Name Deed, commonly known as a Deed Poll, is the legal document which allows you to provide evidence of your change in name. This can be prepared by our Family Law team, and once signed and witnessed, be presented as evidence of your change of name; and alter any official documents into your new name.

Our experienced Family Law team, based in Sheffield and Barnsley, provide specialist advice and support on a range of matters such as divorce, separation and cohabitation. Book a free 30 minute initial consultation today.

Treated Me Absolutely Superbly

I was treated absolutely superbly! The whole issue from start to finish was dealt with professionally, but with a humanising aspect; bringing the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.

Mr Leonard


Mr Leonard

I was treated absolutely superbly! The whole issue from start to finish was dealt with professionally, but with a humanising aspect; bringing the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.

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